1 Spring loaded – PY2 Rectilinear Displacement Transducer

1 Spring loaded – PY2 Rectilinear Displacement Transducer


  • 10 to 100 mm. stroke
  • Double support of the control rod and return spring
  • Tip with M2.5 thread and stainless steel ball
  • Independent linearity up to ± 0,1%
  • Infinite resolution
  • No variation of electrical signal outside theoretical electrical stroke
  • Displacement speed up to 10 m/s
  • Working temperature: -30…+100°C
  • Electrical connections: PY2 F 3 wire 1m screened cable, PY2 C 5-pole connector DIN43322
  • Life duration: > 100×106 operations (within C.E.U.)
  • Grade of protection IP40
  • Suitable for use in explosive environments with presence of gas (groups IIA, IIB, IIC) and combustible powders.
    Standards for simple device: ATEX CEI EN 50020 2003 – paragraph 5.4 a

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Useful electrical stroke (C.E.U.)


Independent linearity (within C.E.U.)

see table

Displacement speed

≤ 10 m/s

Displacement force

≤ 4N


5…2000Hz, Amax =0,75 mm amax. = 20 g


50 g, 11ms.

Tolerance on resistance

± 20%

Recommended cursor current

< 0,1 μA

Maximum cursor current


Maximum applicable voltage

see table

Electrical isolation

>100MΩ at 500V=, 1bar, 2s

Dielectric strength

< 100 μA at 500V~, 50Hz, 2s, 1bar

Dissipation at 40°C (0W at 120°C)

see table

Actual Temperature Coefficient of the output voltage

< 1,5ppm/°C

Working temperature


Strorage temperature


Case material

Anodised aluminium Nylon 66 G25

Control rod material

Stainless steel AISI 303


Brackets with variable longitudinal axis