AC Bridge Circuit

AC Bridge Circuit


  • To realize the Maxwell’s, De Sauty’s
  • Anderson’s bridges with this circuit
  • Study them using a signal generator


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Enclosure : 184 x 96 x 200 mm DIN.

  • One may realize the Maxwell’s, DeSauty’s and Anderson’s bridges with this circuit. Balance is obtained with a 2 k pot. There is provision for connecting external circuits.
  • L3 is 3.2 mH; L3’ is 7.4 mH; R3 = 220 Ohms, R3’ = 320 Ohms; C3 is 0.1 μ farad and C3’ is 0.22 microfarad capacitor; R4 is 220 Ohms and R4’ is 440 Ohms.
  • R_L_C box for AC Experiments. Contains a 1 k ¼ W resistor, a 100 mH coil and a 0.033 μF condenser in series in a box with terminals. Should be used with a signal generator.