Lock-in Amplifier

Lock-in Amplifier


  • Calibration of Lock-in amplifier & Demonstrating phase sensitive detection
  • Study of Mutual Inductance
  • Measurement of Low resistance (about 0.1Ω)
  • AC Susceptibility
  • Hall effect in semi-conductors

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Operating Voltage : 230 V AC, 50 Hz ± 10%.
Operating Temp. Range : 0°C to 50°C.
Enclosure : 184 x 96 x 200 mm DIN.

  • Frequency range: 400 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Maximum DC output under phase matched condition of about 1V DC Output for a rms AC of 250 microvolt.
  • Provision for internal calibration.
  • Taps for reference signal, phase shifted reference signal, output at pin 13 of AD-630 chip, to show how the lock-in works.
  • Provision for external signal and external reference.
  • Comes with a mutual inductance coil of order about 50 μH mutual inductance (changes from coil to coil) and a box to measure resistance of about 0.1 Ohm.