PS Thick-Film ceramic sensor

PS Thick-Film ceramic sensor

PS Series ceramic sensor chip has been widely applied in the process control, environment control, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic equipment, servo valve and drive, chemical products, chemical industry, medical instrument, and other fields. With the characteristic of small dimension, 18 mm diameter, 6.35 mm thickness, 2~200bar range, high performance-price ratio, it has been widely used in various pressure-measuring occasion.


  • Solid ceramic sensitive film
  • Full-range laser calibration
  • Excellent corrosion & abrasion resistance performance
  • Strong shock resistance
  • High accuracy & high stability
  • Wide-range operating temperature
  • Smart volume, easy for encapsulation

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PS Series Ceramic sensor chip is a dry-type ceramic piezoresistive sensor chip by special technology. Ceramic is a recognized material of high elasticity, corrosion & abrasion resistance, strong shock and vibrant resistance. The thermal stability can make its operating temperature up to -20~80℃, It achieves high accuracy, high stability. Electrical insulation >2kV, strong output signal, excellent long-term stability.


5 ~ 30VDC

Bridge resistance



0~2bar- 200bar

Response time


Combined accuracy

0.1 ~ 0.3 FS% (Including linearity , hysteretic, repeatability)

Zero output

0±1mV/V @ 25℃


1.4 ~ 4.8 mV/V

Temperature characteristic




Operating temperature

-40 ~ 125℃


>2 KV